October 26, 2016
A Week To Bounce Back

Tough week last week as we took a loss at home to the Pats. You always want to use home field to your advantage, but we simply missed that opportunity. You Steeler fans were great!! Thanks for showing up on Sunday and bringing the noise.

I felt like we were able to do some things well against New England’s defense. Landry was on point having to fill in for Ben this week. Antonio was great as always. His route running and quickness make him an easy target, regardless of who is behind center. I was pumped to be heavily involved in the passing game this week. I have always taken pride of being able to be a back who can run, catch and block well.

Even though there were some positive things to look back on, we simply missed opportunities on multiple occasions. We simply could not afford to get in the red zone against the Patriots and only settle for field goals. We killed ourselves with penalties on both sides of the ball. There’s such a small margin for error against New England and we can’t expect to win when we hurt ourselves as much as we did.

The bye week is coming at a good time for us. We are locking in on many of the mistakes we made last week and are making sure we correct them. The bye is a week of rest that all of us need at this point in the year anyway. All of us are hurting or are sore somewhere. A week to step away from the beating of a game goes a long way in helping small injuries go away. We are also hoping this will help Ben miss the least amount of games as possible. It was good to see Ben out at practice throwing some. We don’t know when we’ll get him back, but we’re hoping soon.

Back to practice for us now and then we’re on a normal schedule next week. Already pumped about the Ravens game next week. Nothing gets you pumped like going against your rivals!! See you soon Steeler Nation!