October 10, 2016
Wide Open

Things are clicking on offense for us right now. Our guys were wide open on Sunday against the Jets. Ben keeps killing it out there. He always finds a way to make big plays possible on any given play. He buys more time in the pocket and then he is willing to make throws that a lot of QBs would be nervous to pull the trigger on. I was so glad to see Sammie bounce back from his drop early in the game. He’s a special talent - there just are not many guys with his size and speed in this league. As you guys saw, he can blow a game open with that kind of crazy talent.

With this being my second game back, things are really coming together. My body is getting in the groove of being back to full contact. I’m hitting my stride with the rest of the guys on offense. With all of our talent in place, we are ready to show the rest of the NFL why we are the most dangerous offense to match up against.

Our next challenge is to face the Dolphins on Sunday. I look at that D and I know we are going to be in for a battle on Sunday. A guy like Ndamukong Suh is a gamer who can blow up the running game. He is one of the strongest guys in this league and he does an awesome job of anchoring their run defense. Cameron Wake and Andre Branch give Miami so much speed on the edge. I’ve got to keep my eyes on them in pass protection to keep them off Ben. Byron Maxwell is a big corner who can jam receivers hard off the line and then sink into coverage quickly.

We’ve got a challenge on our hands this week. We know they can put up points quickly, so we have to be ready to match what they put up on the scoreboard.

Excited to go against the Dolphins on Sunday. Thanks for the support for all you Steeler fans out there!! You guys make it fun to go to work every week. See you Sunday!